Set for Mexican Dip

A Terracotta Dipping Bowls Set that will add a rustic touch of Mexico to any dinner or party. Ideal for serving Guacamole, Salsa and Nachos, or whatever dips and snacks you prefer.

The designs and materials all invoke traditional Mexican pottery - each set includes:

3 different sized bowls for versatility and 2 cactus shaped spoons to complete the fiesta theme.

The bowls are heavy duty and can be used as general bowls in the kitchen too.

Bowls sizes: L-15x15x7.5cm M-11.2x11.2x6.3cm S-8.8x8.8x5cm

Get 2 spoons SAGUARO as part of our Bowlero Terracotta Dishes set or purchase as a separate item.

Design: Bossmat and Yaron Hirsch
  Material: Terracotta   Material: Wood & Silicone

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